The 4×4 Podcast – Episode 99 & 100

Episode 99 – On this episode of the podcast we have an interview with Eric McGrew from the Off Road Independence Podcast. Eric is from the United States but has been living in Chile for a last few years. His experience has given him an interesting perspective of offroading and travel outside the borders. The 4×4 Podcast

Episode 100 has been a long time coming and we’ve finally reached the century mark! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been subscribed and shared the show with your friends. With your help, we’ve created a pretty awesome little community. The next 100 episodes are going to be even better than the past 100!

We were fortunate to have a great group on the show time time. Of course there was Craig and Rich but that was just the start! We also had Tony from the XJ Talk Show; John from the Centre Steer Podcast; David from the Nissan Nation Podcast; Jason from Mountain State Overland; and Brandon from the Overland Roundtable. The 4×4 Podcast