60 Second Review – Parabellum Rally Windshield


The Parabellum Rally Shield is US made in Georgia.  Parabellum has successfully made touring windshields for the KLR and the Rally Shield is designed to fit the niche between the stock windshield and the touring model. Inspired by the shields found on rally racing bikes found in the Dakar Rally and the Baja 1000, this shield has a more upright profile and sits further forward to provide good clearance while off road. With a total height of the windshield at 18 inches tall, the actual height of protection is 10 inches high and 12 inches wide. This really seems like decent height for people that are 6 feet tall and under. It does provide better protection and very little noticeable buffeting at highway speed compared to the stock windshield. Holding my hand up, I did notice more buffeting about 4 inches above my helmet (I’m 5’9”) so taller folks may have some issue with this. All hardware is supplied, however if you have an aftermarket dash installed, you may need a longer center bolt. This windshield is very easy to install.
The Rally shield is a cast acrylic product and they recommend using any type of acrylic cleaner paired with a soft microfiber cloth. The windshield is offered in clear and smoke.