60 Second Review-DirtRacks HD Side Racks

I got the opportunity to do a review on a set of DirtRacks.com’s HD side racks for the KLR650. After a 2,400 mile week long trip that covered eight states, these side racks were put through a pretty rigorous test.


The racks arrived very well packaged from Canada. Although no instructions were provided, the installation was pretty straight forward. Take the supplied hardware and put it in place of the stock bolts. The side racks really only fit one way, and that way is perfectly. From start to finish, I had the racks on in less than 5 minutes. I can’t remember the last time an install went this smoothly.


I had planned on using the racks with a set of Nelson Rigg Survivor Edition dry bags. I was concerned with the amount of space between the exhaust and the luggage. I really didn’t need to be. There is plenty of clearance and I had no issue with the bags coming in contact with the exhaust. One thing to note, is that the helmet lock really become useless once the left side rack is installed. From what I’ve seen, this is the case with most racks.


After installing the bags, right away I noticed the racks seemed to have been made for these bags. The attachment points for the bags lined up perfectly with loops on the bottom corners of the racks. I mentioned this to the guys at DirtRacks and they said the Nelson Rigg bags were the bags they were thinking of when they came up with the design. From what I understand, the racks are also designed to accommodate a set of Rotopax cannisters.


The welds are solid and the powdercoating is flawless. Even though these racks are at the lower end of the price scale, they haven’t skimped on quality. The bike was laid down several times with the bags attached and removed. As far as I can tell, the racks haven’t budged. They are just as straight as the day they were installed. I highly recommend these racks, especially if you are planning on using the Nelson Rigg dry bags or Rotopax.