2013 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous

’13 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous


The SoCal Mountain Rendezvous started today and runs all weekend. This year it is being held at a Boy Scout Camp about 30 miles from Big Bear. This site will provide plenty of room for the vehicles and camping alike. There are also several nearby off-road trails to explore.


1200 Arrivals
1700 Happy Hour
1800 MRV Swap Meet followed by campfire

0900 Trail Runs! Hiking! Mountain Biking! Whatever!

Train Run threads: (please see the source link below for active links to the trail runs)
Easy Trail run
Moderate Trail Run
Extreme Trail Run

1200 Lunch
1300 Trail Runs! Hiking! Mountain Biking! Nap time!
1530 MRV T-shirt distribution at main fire ring. Have your shirt ticket in hand, sizes are first come first serve!
1630 Group Photo by Brent Haywood Photography
1700 Potluck/Dutch Oven Competition (Remember the 2013 Desert Rendezvous?)

1800 MRV Raffle followed by campfire
0900 Trail Runs! Hiking! Mountain Biking! Whatever!
1200 Camp inspected and cleared. Zero residuals.


Source link: American Adventurist Forum